Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Cinematography

I am starting to focus my efforts on cinematography. I feel irresistibly drawn to this art form, for a couple of reasons:
  1. It is the most populistic of all art forms. One does not have to have any previous education in order to enjoy and understand a good movie. One does not even have to be literate in order to immerse oneself in a good movie.
  2. It combines all other art forms that I'm fond of and have spent years practicing: visual art (drawing, painting), music, sound-scaping, poetry, narrative prose, philosophy, choreographing the motion of animate and inanimate objects. In a word, it combines pretty much everything (the only dimension missing in film is olfactory, that is, smell, and touch).
I will try here to post reviews of all the movies I find stunningly beautiful and significant. I will also, for variety sake, try to post some reviews of the movies that fail to deliver, despite the amassed hype.

All my reviews will be purely subjective, as I don't claim any capability for being able to objectively judge any work of art.

So please stay tuned...

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Nigel said...

Which movie have you chosen for your first review?