Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"The Meaning of Life" (Monty Python, 1983) -- Solid Swan Song

The legendary Monty Python troupe exited the scene with a bang in this excellent movie. During their heyday in the late '60s/early '70s, this group of five brilliant comedians/thinkers established themselves as the world's premier entertainers. Sort of similar how the Beatles did in the '60s. After disbanding in 1974, the troupe continued their sporadic existence by occasionally banding together for an odd movie project. This movie was their fourth, and the last one, and, like the Beatles with their swan song "Abbey Road", the Pythons offered some of their best material as the final adieu.

Make no mistake -- this is mature Python, very jaded, very cynical. Still, the production in this movie rocks, and the guys never had more lavish scenography to play with. Of particular value is their Zulu War episode, which manages to create a larger-than-life impression.

Overall, a great movie containing some exquisite screenplay, comedic writing and acting, as well as a biting satire. Very highly recommended.

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